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Industry news

The big news in commercial juicers is spelled Z-U-M-M-O (click to see info about Zummo on this website). Juice Marketing Northwest recently added revolutionary Zummo commercial juicers to its product line.

Zummo juicers have received world-wide recognition for unique features not available with other counter-top commercial juicers. These features include the following:

  • Highest yield of any counter-top commercial citrus juicer
  • No contaminants from peels in juice because of new squeezing system—juice does not come in contact with peel
  • Digital Programmer and Counter—standard on all models.
  • Special kit for large oranges included—standard on all models (will also squeeze lemons, limes, and small grapefruit)
  • New 36-month full factory warranty
  • Countertop and floor units
  • Easy daily cleaning in less than 5 minutes