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About Juice Marketing Northwest

Mission Statement
Provide the best on-site, fresh-squeezed juicing programs for the foodservice industry through a comprehensive plan for each customer to insure a profitable operation.

We have over 20 years of experience selling and leasing juicing products.

Here's what one restaurant owner had to say:

"I was always happy with the quality of our menu items except our juices. Since we began our onsite fresh-squeezed juice program, our customers can see that we serve the freshest juice and sales have increased substantially, along with customer satisfaction."

—Bill Chin, Owner, Patty's Eggnest Restaurants

Voted "Seattle's Best Breakfast" restaurant award winner by the Washington State Egg Commission and KOMO. Patty's Eggnest Restaurants has juicers in all five restaurants!

Although we are located in the Seattle-Metro area, we do business throughout the Pacific Northwest, the US, and the world.